Massage and Spanking

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Hands can do so many things: from caressing to pinching to knocking and hitting. Massage can go beyond the shoulders and neck, spanking doesn’t have to concentrate on the butt alone. A good massage is a nice warm-up for a great total body spanking.

In this course we will look at the theory of massage, spanking and everything in between. That includes information about muscles and skin types and why that matters. We will demonstrate how you can give an easy relaxing massage and how to make the transition to a good spanking.

Hans has worked for many years as a certified physiotherapist and will address questions and possibilities of massage. Karin is known for her total body spanking sessions and will share with you possibilities and safety aspects of spanking.

For this course, it’s handy if you have a partner with you so you can practice what you have learned.

Course Materials

Hans & Karin from KinkInfo

Karin and Hans are kink educators since 2010. Hans is a certified physiotherapist, psychologist and relationship coach. Karin is an IT girl who used to be a professional Domina and is a popular fetish model. She is our expert on topics for girls, women and everything age play. Karin and Hans are married and live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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