Everything About Bondage BDSM Collar And Where To Get One Online

Bondage BDSM Collar

You’ve probably seen a BDSM collar used in various erotic videos during BDSM sex, and now you’ve even ached to try it with your partner. BDSM collar is also termed a Bondage collar that most of the dom partners used to tie submissive ones during BDSM play. But what does it mean, and what is the point of wearing them? Is it right for you? 

Such questions will be covered in today’s blog post. Here’s the ultimate guide on how you can choose the right BDSM collar and from where you can get one. So let’s deep dive into today’s blog post and learn some ropes about the BDSM collar ritual of BDSM. 

You might have seen your coworker or friend wearing a black but discreet-looking round leather-type bracelet around the neck. Well that can act as a BDSM collar. All thanks to Fifty shades fever for making the BDSM collar an important addition to the outfit. 

What is the BDSM Collar? 

BDSM collar will not look exactly like a regular dog collar, it can be a discreet piece of jewelry that has some interesting story behind it. It comes in different materials, colors, and patterns. It can work around the neck like a necklace or a choker. But it’s not necessarily important that BDSM collars can only be worn around the neck, collars can be worn on other places of your body, such as on your wrist as bracelets and your ankle in the form of anklets. 

BDSM Collar

Historically, BDSM collars are made of thick black leather or PVC material that is worn tight around the neck. People playing submissive mostly choose to wear a choker-style BDSM collar with a large O or D ring on the front. BDSM collars also come with a lock that can only be removed by the dominant partner who has the key to unlock it. Unlocking it means ending the relationship, it’s very similar to breaking an engagement. 

What Does A BDSM Collar Mean? 

Well, it’s pretty hard to digest the whole BDSM collar concept in one go. Trust me, if you want to cram them all inside your brain in one go, you might need three full bottles of beer and 48 hours of non-stop Netflix to recover. To break it down in simple terms, I will start with the basic level of the BDSM collar ritual of the kink community so we can come on equal footing without tangling it out. 

Here are three important things that you need to cram about BDSM collars in your brain. Read it carefully like you hold your last pint of beer on a hot summer day.

BDSM play has 3 Tenets ( Sane, Safe, and CONSENSUAL) 

Read the last one out loud for me. There’s a thin line between healthy and abusive BDSM. Consent should be practiced in every stage of the play. Forceful sex can be a heinous crime, and doing so can land you in jail. 

The Dominant Party/Master is the one in Charge 

BDSM play revolves around dominant and submissive relationships. In most of the sessions, the BDSM collar is a dom thing that represents the loyalty and commitment of a sub-party towards the dom or dome. Boys can also wear BDSM collars, yes and Domme can be a female too. 

The Submissive Party 

Submissive partners are the one who wears the BDSM collar. They have to earn BDSM collars and every dom partner sets a different scoreboard through which the submissive partner can earn it. 

BDSM collars are also called slave collar and have different meanings. For one wearing a sub, collar represents a promise of things and being committed in a relationship. For others, wearing a submissive collar is all about keeping other dominant partners away from the submissive party. 

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From Where Can I Get The One Online? 

Bondage BDSM Collar

There is a spectrum of places to buy sub collar. Every relationship has different meanings and ideas of what a BDSM collar should look like. If you’re looking to buy one for yourself or your partner, but don’t know which online place is the best add to cart then we are here for you. 

Here we have assembled the best online places from where you can do the kink collar shopping-

  • VonBondage 
  • Leather Etc 
  • TieMeUp
  • Collar Factory 
  • BDSM-Gear
  • Extreme Restraints 
  • Mr. S Leather 
  • Envy Leather 
  • Frisky Business Boutique 
  • Eternity Collars 
  • House Of Bondage and love 
  • OddoLeather 
  • LeatherMystics 
  • Black Market Chicago 
  • Stockroom 


A submissive collar ritual is a common part of the kinky community, but it’s not for everyone. If you like it, then there are hundreds of online shops from where you can buy your leather collar BDSM necklace, anklets, and bracelets. If not then talk it out without your partner- Your consent is important. 

We hope you have a good read and gained some relevant insights from today’s blog post. Stay tuned for more amazing blogs- Keep loving and keep the sex alive! Have a great day everyone! 

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