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#3 will definitely leave both of you hot and bothered!

Are you wondering how to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day? How about exploring your playful side? Try one of these erotic games and scenarios! Plus, most of them are 100% DYI.

My partner and I love all kinds of games, both video and analogue. We often play board or card games with friends and family. No wonder that our nerdiness sometimes finds its way our sex life.

Erotic games have a special place in my life. Despite the element of healthy, sexy competition, there are no losers. After all, it always comes down to experiencing more pleasure, deepening intimate connection and being excited about trying something new. All you need to do is to embrace your competitive spirit

Without further ado, these are my top suggestions for hot couple games– just in time for Valentine’s Day!

#1 This or That

You’re probably familiar with This or that– party game turned a social media meme. When playing This or That you basically need to choose one of two given options. Sometimes questions are as random as “Sweating or shivering” but for Valentine’s Day, you need to come up with something way more sensual than that.

Think about something like: “Good morning or goodnight sex?”, “Completely nude or dressed up?”, “Vibrator or dildo?”, “Spanking or being spanked?”. I’m sure you’ll come up with something that matches your and your partner’s sexual lifestyle!

#2 Lucky Dip

If you and your partner talk about your sexual fantasies openly, Lucky Dip will help you turn them into reality. For this game, you need to write down your fantasies on pieces of paper, fold them and place them in a big jar or bowl.

Each of you gets to pick one. Now you need to decide which of the two are you going for. If you have enough stamina to do both in one evening, go for it! But no pressure. Just pick your favorite or toss a coin.

Don’t throw away the rest of the content of your jar or bowl. If it’s quite full, you will have enough fun and sexy games to try until next Valentine’s Day.

#3 Spin the Bottle

Maybe you can’t remember the last time you played a bottle. Neither can I! But you probably remember the intensity of trying to spin the bottle so that it lands on your crush. Time to recreate the experience in a more adult way. There will be more than just kissing or necking for 7 minutes in your mum’s closet.

My version of Spin the Bottle might require some preparation, but I guarantee you it’s totally worth it. First, you need to get some envelopes, containers or boxes in which you’ll hide cards with tasks, small erotic gifts, sex toys or sexy lingerie. They don’t have to be many as long as they’re exciting and keep your horny juices flowing. Arrange the prizes in a circle on the floor and ask your partner to spin the bottle. Whatever task or a toy it lands on, it’s your clue for the rest of the evening.  I’m pretty sure it won’t end on just one spin, though…

If you want to boost the experience, sit your gorgeous butt among the prizes. When the bottle lands on you, you’ll be the erotic gift that your partner can do whatever they want with.

#4 Truth or Dare

Another party game made erotic is Truth or Dare. What is the secret of a successful game of Truth or Dare? As little “truths” and as many “dare” as possible. Where you’ll go with it depends entirely on our sexual openness and how adventurous you are.

If one of you decides to forfeit a truth or a dare, one of the pieces of clothing must come off. And if you’re planning to go out during the game, I would start with underwear… Going commando to a restaurant or a party might help you come up with even naughtier tasks.

#5 The Lovers

The lovers game showing some cards and a lovely cup of cappucino

I get that you may not have time to prepare your own game or are afraid you will lose your erotic creativity midway. You really don’t have to put pressure on yourself, just pick a ready-made erotic game. I wholeheartedly recommend The Lovers. This game is designed to take up to several weeks to complete. Players must perform various erotic acts, often so that the other person doesn’t realise what the task actually was. At the end of each turn, they receive points for completed actions and lose them if they fail. What’s best, you can even challenge your partner and transfer your task to them.

Last year, my partner and I played The Lovers, diligently completing the tasks set out by the game. Although I lost in the end, it was worth it. I look forward to the next editions! For now, the basic version of the game can be found on eBay and Amazon.

#6 Guess What

If you already have quite a few sex toys in your pleasure collection, this game is perfect for you. Ask your partner to close their eyes or blindfold them. When they’re ready, stimulate their body with toys of your choice. They have to guess what they are. If they’re right, they get a point. Once you run out of toys or your partner can’t handle it anymore, change roles.

What’s the prize for the highest point-getter is entirely up to you!

#7 Treasure Hunt

If your partner likes puzzles and riddles, you can organise a treasure hunt for them. Hidden leads should point to one another, and help your partner find the treasure. To make things easier (or harder!), let the riddles refer to situations and places significant to your relationship.

You can play the game in your house but if you’re more adventurous, head to the city. What should be the prize? For example, a rented hotel room with champagne and snacks waiting for your partner, a sex toy waiting for them in a local pleasure store or… your naked body decorated with a large, red bow.

#8 “Light, camera, action!”

Maybe this is not Valentine’s Day game per se, but certainly a stimulating scenario. If you and your partner love watching porn, you certainly have your favourite films or scenes. Recreate them together. Take care of the decorations, costumes, accessories to get as close to the original as possible. Go all in!

But remember that you do not have to take the matter seriously. Your inspiration may well be bizarre scenes with poor dialogues. It’s good to approach sex with a bit of humour and laughter, am I right?

Ready for sex marathon?

I hope my list of erotic games for Valentine’s Day will help you plan a steamy evening or even a romantic weekend. After all, this year, February 14th is Friday. It would be a shame not to lose the opportunity for a real sex marathon.

However, don’t forget that you can play sexy games all year long. As I mentioned earlier– in the end, everybody wins!

Natalia Grubizna – sex blogger, pleasure educator and sex toy reviewer. She works with individuals, facilitates group workshops and advises organisations within the sexuality field, mostly within Polish-speaking communities. Natalia is 2016 alumni of Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society and a firm believer in the power of informal, peer-led sex and relationship education.



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