I’m starting this review knowing that the Cumpanion is not a sex toy. It’s more of an accessory, but if I would call this an accessory, then I would not do this genius piece of cloth (because that’s what it is), any justice.

How I Discovered the Cumpanion

If you participate in our giveaway, then you know I’m active on Twitter. My adventures started here by reading up on and getting into touch with people who look the same way at sex and sexuality as I do. I was lucky to quickly get involved with several fun groups and twitter chats that connected me with people who did not only look at things the same way but also turned out to be pretty awesome.

One of these people is Anna Rae, she is the creator and founder of the Cumpanion.

In my opinion, the Cumpanion is a prime example of having a good idea, simplicity and the right people making the right decisions at the right time can lead to something genius. The story of the creation of the Cumpanion can be read on the byAnneRae.com website.

But What Actually is the Cumpanion?

Anna Rae classes the Cumpanion as an aftercare towel. And that’s what it is, a towel, one that I’ve never seen before. You might think “oh, a towel, I’ve got one of these at home!” No, you don’t, and I will now explain you why.

That’s because it’s made out of a microfiber material, a very specific microfiber material. Before you start thinking “Think again, I won’t give me and my partner aftercare with some multi-purpose towel!”, then you’re right, you won’t. That’s because this fabric is super absorbing and, even after many washes, is super soft.

It also has a compartment which provides some convenient space for your lube or toys, before and after usage!

So You can Enjoy Amazing Sex

I don’t think that I make a secret out of the fact that I think sex and satisfaction are always connected to the necessary mess.

The most important thing about it is, that while you’re fucking, masturbating, making love, whatever, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after or worry about making sure everything will be clean and dry afterwards. It’s about enjoying, yourself, each other, and not about keeping clean and dry.

Wouldn’t it be great that when you “clean” yourself and your partner while being woozy of all that goodness, that you do not give him or her the feeling you’re doing it with a sandpaper or with that one towel which is a little dirty already which was next to your bed already (you know which towel I’m talking about), or your t-shirt or button-up shirt. The Cumpanion is exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that this towel is not waterproof. You can place it under your butt so it will absorb some moisture, but there is a limit to its absorption. If you want to be completely sure that there won’t be any leakage, then it’s better to invest in a Fascinator Throe for example.

Masturbating, but Better

You might think, yeah that’s all fine Jay, but you just said it’s an accessory and not a toy. That’s right, but the following needs to be said.

It really improves masturbating. How? Well, next to using sex toys, I’m still a big fan of the old-fashioned hand job. In case of someone having a penis, you just grab it and start jacking off.

Depending on your style and the amount of mess you find acceptable, you can do this in a different way. Personally, I like it when, during the final part, I have something to cum into. It means having not as much mess. Well, during one of my self-love sessions, I used the Cumpanion and I don’t want to use anything else ever since.

The towel is so soft and nice, that it will take you to a new level during masturbation. If you place it correctly and use the soft fabric by stroking your balls with it whilst masturbating, which I discovered was really fucking awesome, I did not know what was happening to me and I came, really hard.

Also for Your fetish

If you have a fabric-fetish, and when you’re a Furry, then I think that this thing is for you. It’s simply genius.


The Cumpanion aftercare towel from byAnnaRae is, in my opinion, a product you NEED to have at home, more than one actually, more like two or three, so you can wash one and use two, you get the point. Another plus is that he Cumpanion is also very affordable, despite needing it to fly over from the United States. This soft super-absorbent towel is a must for everybody who likes to have sex without worrying. Despite the Cumpanion not being a sex toy, it will be on my list of favourites, because this aftercare towel really deserves it

I would also like to thank Anna Rae very much for sending me the Cumpanion in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy the Cumpanion on the byAnnaRae.com website for US$ 16.99


Jay is a male sex toy reviewer. He has also earned his stripes in the Kink community in which he has 20+ years of experience. Promotor of sexual freedom for all.


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