Panty Play: Don’t Get Your Panties in a Twist!

Panty Play: Don’t Get Your Panties in a Twist!

After all, not all the fun during a Sexual outing is experienced only when you’re both naked. There is a whole lot of magic and passion in the tease of clothing, however minimal that might be. It’s not for nothing that you make an attempt to wear your fanciest lingerie with lacy and sexy panties and bras when you plan a special night with your partner. The art of Panty Play or undressing in a sensual way can set a mighty foreground for a great climax. We call it art. Reason? Because there are people literally making a living out of undressing in front of people and just leaving it at that. Clearly, it is so popular because people are into it, and rightly so.

Once the civilian clothes are out of the way and it’s just the lingerie/undergarments, the journey from here on can get pretty intense and experimental, if you may. Using the Undergarments to their full potential, if you’re into it, is really fulfilling. Let’s tell you more about it in case you’ve not yet discovered the wonders of Panty Play.

What is Panty Play?

For all kinds of kinksters, vanilla or BDSM, Panty Play is great foreplay or a solo activity even. It basically involves seeking pleasure from activities around panties. It could be from the sight of it or wearing a fancy pair to sniffing or even masturbating in them as part of the play. There is a deep Panty fetish in people who get aroused by Panty Play. So, it can always be fun to explore new stuff and indulge in your partner’s fetish, if that’s the case.

Kink Up the Panty Play

Panty Play

There are a lot of things you can do to spice up the Panty play and make it a wholesome shared or solo experience. Panty Play mainly caters to the Sensory stimulation that the person feels by using and playing around with panties. We have listed a few activities to make it easier for you.


A lot of Panty Play is about the touch and feel and getting turned on by that. Sliding into the panties and playing with the lacy fabrics acknowledges your effort to wear a great panty. And it also enhances their sexual experience. The skyrocketing prices of fancy lingerie are all worth it if you and your partner are into Panty Play and pay attention to detail such as the fabric and the feel of it. You can try out the variations: jockstrap, satins, see-through, etc., and see what feels best to touch.


If you are one of those who can get aroused by looking at a hot pair of panties at a store, you are into Panty Play, my friend. We are definitely offering a lot of business to the lingerie market as we get the importance of the right sexy panties for Panty Play. Seeing a tease of a jockstrap or lacy underwear peeping from their clothes can be a mind-boggling turn. Some Panty Players and connoisseurs are also quite particular about the shape, fit, and kind of underwear it is as that is what they derive pleasure from. You can even indulge in Knife play by tearing the laces of the beautiful panties of your partner and arousing them even more.

Lick & Sniff

Panty Play | Lick and sniff

Let’s come to the next level of Panty Play. It’s sniffing your partner’s dirty panties or your own panties if it’s solo play. This one activity is really popular among the kinksters. They go sniffing around their partner’s panties when they are not around and masturbating to it. During Pantyplay, you can also explore licking the underwear before you raise the curtains to the main show. The scent and the tease is enough to excite you for the main play.


The section of people into the BDSM panties or even just vanilla couples wishing for rough sex may amp up by stuffing the panties in the other person’s mouth or anus. It can definitely be sexually gratifying but keep in mind to use a clean pair of panties to avoid infections. Disinfect properly if you think things could get wild and you would be stuffing as part of Panty Play.

Shopping for Each Other

Another arrow in the quiver is to indulge in panties Play by shopping for sexy panties and wearing them during play. The sight of you wearing your partner’s choice of panties can make them go weak in the knees if you’re too much into panty play. It also builds the excitement right from the point you shop for them to see you in the pair and then get to play with it. You can achieve a true blue Panty Play climax arc through this.

Wrapping Up

You might have realized by now the potential that Panty Play holds and the things it can contribute to crazing up your Sexual Stimulation. It is an easy kink with a lot of diversity in play. Be it solo or couple, touch or lick, whatever you like! You just have to communicate with your partner about the fetish, seek consent and then you can go all out to explore the fetish. We are sure you won’t regret giving your partner a chance by listening to their fetish and trying out Panty Play. Do tell us in the comments about your experience, if you try it alone or with your partner.

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