The Electrifying Side of Kink: TENS Units

The Electrifying Side of Kink TENS Units

Sex toys and DIY pleasure practices are not today’s secretly budding trend, sex toys were here long before the advent of AI-powered G spot stimulating dildos and silicone-made vaginas. Antique sex toys have been found in Germany back in 2014. The sex toys are claimed to be 28,000 years old- It was made of siltstone which is used to promote smoother penetration and have rounded edges.

From dried animal dungs to AI-powered silicone toys that come in tons of modes and sizes, sex toys have an amazing deeply penetrated history with time. But have you tried it with electricity to get you turned on? No, don’t look at your lamp posts like this or your bottom would be badly barbecued! Yes, you can experience super charged orgasms with electrosex devices that are particularly used for BDSM which triggers sweet pain and gives sexual pleasure to other realms. 

Is It Safe? 

TENS Units Safe?

Yes, it’s safe and won’t hurt. Yes, the word electricity with the device often framed it as a dangerous and torturous machine. Electric sex toy devices such as TENS units are subsequently tested and confirmed safe for use during sexual encounters. Today we’ll discuss the best TENS unit which is a god of sensations. This little thor shoots a very minimal amount of electricity that promotes erotic stimulation around your genitals. 

What’s a TENS unit? 

The term TENS in wireless tens units stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ), and this device has a long-backed history. Typically, TENs-ography is used to practice on patients suffering from muscle and nerve pain. The device is used to reduce the pain in the affected area. Now you might be wondering which side will be in profit, boys or girls? Can we use TENS on a penis or vagina? If you’re having such questions read this blog post till the end. Here’s the ultimate guide on how you can have an electrifying orgasm with wireless TENS units. 

How Do TENS Work? 

This can be tricky here, but in simpler terms, there are two parts. It consists of a power box through which you can control the amount of current passed through a pair of electrode pads. The pads are precisely curated to get fixed on a muscular area of the genitals. Electrode pads are placed apart from each other so they can create an electric zone in that area. Then the current is passed slowly back and forth which alleviates the pain from that particular area. 

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So how TENS can spice up your sex life? We, humans, are horny devils, and it didn’t take us too long to discover the sexy and pleasurable side of this device. Adding those pads around the penises or vagina will make you moan like a wolf! 

Now Experience The Hands-Free Orgasm With TENS Unit 

Now Experience The Hands-Free Orgasm With TENS Unit 

Many people crave hands-free orgasms with sex toys, but only a handful of them can reach the tip. But now it’s possible with the wireless TENS unit. Women will love to experience a real hands-free orgasm rather than men because they like more to have stroking sensations with motions back and forth. But you can find your way to use your sensations in your way. 

Man Can Try Tens on Penis And Testicles 

Not only for women, but TENS can also be the perfect sex buddy for males. TENS on the penis will shoot incredible sensations that will make it easier to achieve orgasm without penetration. 

Women Can Use Tens Around Vulva

Regular sex can be seen off and boring sometimes, but this is not the case with the best tens pad placement that you need to place around your clit on both sides. But never place pads inside your vagina, it’s recommended that you ask your partner to do this for you. And always start with less intensity as that area will be new to sensations. 

How Do Sensations From A TENS Unit Feel Like? 

How Do Sensations From TENS Units Feel Like? 

The device is something like a vibration, but still has a world of difference, the sensation has a much deeper and sweeter reach. People have described the sensations as warm stroking, buzzing, and throbbing.

Closing Thoughts 

Have you ever wondered about humans hooking up with electricity? Now it’s possible with an icy hot tens unit that can be used for sexual arousal? If you’re looking to buy the best tens unit, reach out to us. The pads are made of robust and soft medical materials that are inexpensive and easy to place. Does not matter if you’re looking for the best tens unit for pleasure or for any other purpose, this device covers all your needs. 

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