What Does it Mean When Someone Identifies Themselves as “Primal”?

What Does it Mean When Someone Identifies Themselves as “Primal”?

Let’s face it, everyone has a side to themselves that only comes out while having a Sexual Outing with their partners. The supposedly ‘Wild’ side that appears in bed is really natural for most people as they connect with their sexual urges and fetishes at that point. But if the wildness gets pretty intense for your partner and you only come back to senses after the sex, it is possible that you have a Primal Fetish that you need to explore and be aware of. Read on to find more about it!

What is Primal Fetish?

What is Primal Fetish?

The word ‘Primal’ literally means, ‘Of or relating to an early stage of Evolutionary Development.’ In the Sexual Dictionary, it broadly includes having or acting upon sexual urges that are more instinct-based and raw. It is much like the animals commonly involving Biting, grunting, scratching, etc. Primal nature generally means to stick to the basic needs- Food, Shelter and Sex and that is where the fetish operates from in the brain. In essence, Primal fetish is a more Jungle-inspired and uncivilized approach to sex which makes way for more natural fun paired with Pain, Impulse and Pleasure all at the same time.

So, when someone say they have a Primal fetish, what they mean is that they like to let go and indulge in Sexual activities beyond the standard passion and explore a more animalistic version of it. It can range from Wrestling and biting to Role-playing an Animal of their choice in bed. 

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Popularly, anything that involves Sexual roughness is loosely classified as BDSM, but Primal fetish is not essentially the same. While the former only plays with the Dominant-Submissive dynamic, the latter has much more scope with regard to the dynamic of the Sexual partners. It could be Primal vs Non Primal, Dominant vs Dominant, Predator vs Prey, to name a few. To get a detailed view of Primal fetish, let’s tell you about the terminology used with the same:

  • Predator: The Dominant hunter who is supposed to discipline and hunt down the prey during Primal play.
  • Prey: The submissive partner during the Primal Fetish hypnosis who behaves bratty and tries to escape the predator to tease sexually.
  • Hunter/Alpha: Again, the Dominant partner who is aggressive to get hold of its prey.
  • Pack: This is when a group of Sexual partners engage in Primal Fetish.
  • Mate: An individual you build a sexual relationship with but could also have emotional undercurrents.

Safety During Primal Fetish Play

Safety During Primal Fetish Play

Maintaining Safety and boundaries in a fetish is crucial. Impulsive as Primal Fetish can be really tough but is equally important. You can jump all you want and have a wide play area while you’re in the mood. But it should be well communicated with your partner beforehand. Here’s how you can make sure of such things:

  • Consent: One of the most important and constant factors to make sure of the Safety before getting involved sexually, is to ask for Consent. This not only clears the air but also builds immense trust between the Sexual partners showing care for what the individual feels about Primal fetish. The sex should be all about impulse and instincts. But be mindful that your partner is completely on board with it. They may not feel as comfortable as you.
  • Safe Words & Gestures: Having mutual Safe words and gestures in bed goes a long way as they can be used to indicate discomfort of any kind so that the partner may stop immediately. When the stakes are high as in the case of Primal Fetish, having a Safe word or gesture like tapping on the bed becomes even more important.
  • Basic house rules and boundaries: As we already mentioned, Primal Fetish involves losing your senses and operating from the most basic sexual urges. Therefore, lay down and discuss the boundaries which should be set in stone before the play begins. The house rules from foot fetish to biting should be respected and both the partners must steer away from the boundary lines. Make a list for the both of you and keep the rules in mind.

What to do to make Primal Fetish Fun?

What to do to make Primal Fetish Fun?

There is a certain level of Primal fetish mind control that happens quite naturally while the Sexual rendezvous is going on. Ensure the safety and transparent pre-play discussion. It can be a whole lot of fun when you actually come down to it. There is another level of thrill and stimulation involved. It naturally takes you to the Primal level and that’s when the wildness begins:

  • Impulses

Even while normally indulging in Sexual activity with your partner, trust your instincts and not make anything too mechanical. That takes away the spark and no one ends up having fun by the end of it. In the case of Primal fetish, you should let go after a certain point. Let the basic urges take over to heat up the situation and maximize the pleasure.

  • Avoid Toys

During the Primal play, while you are out of your senses and channeling your inner animal, the last thing you need is a mood-killing toy. When you have your hands, teeth, fingers and nails, there is not much else that you need for Primal fetish play.

  • Sniffing, Growling, Scratching/Biting

A consensually drawn wildness is even hotter to explore with your partner while involving in Primal Fetish. As it is all about the natural animalistic instincts, you can try everything from Biting, Scratching, to wrestling it out and winning control of your partner

  • Power Struggle

A general Power dynamic struggle is a common trait in Primal fetish and BDSM. The partners are constantly fighting over to gain control and dominance over the submissive partner. More so in Primal fetish, the ways of gaining control become even more wild as there are not many restrictions. Indulging in a hot wrestling bout before the actual action builds you up for a better climax.

  • A Chase and Takedown Arc

What adds to the Primal fetish spice? It is the Non Primal\submissive\ prey partner teasing the alpha by putting up a fight and refusing to submit. The chase can get quite intense and racy. This is because the animal instincts generally are, which could end up in a very aggressive takedown eventually. If you like it rough, you can keep extending the tease so that the final takedown is even more exciting.

Finishing Up

Surely, it seems tiring to go through a Primal Fetish play with your partner. And it might leave you breathless but it’s all worth it in the end. If you or your partner identify as Primal, do communicate and discuss with them the terms before officially adapting to it in bed. Also, take the aftercare really seriously as you must shower each other with love and care to post the aggression that comes out in the Primal fetish. 

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