BDSM & Family Life: Parents Have to Be Equals

BDSM & Family Life: Parents Have to Be Equals

The trilogy of BDSM sex, the family, and the allure of sex as it remains a topic much to be always talked about is tricky. We might perceive sex still as a topic that renders examination under hush melodies of items related to taboo. Isn’t sex though right now an ever-defining socio-cultural rendition of an individual thanks to our pop culture in part? 

The crisscross of pathways, the prude, and the ever-liberal ever expanding mindset are at the hedge all over fighting about principles of morality and freedom of one’s own body. The confines of the home are where we need to balance and understand and develop these various thought processes. As Oasis sang, let’s start a revolution from our beds, only, this time our families. 

Last week I was on Reddit, everyone knows about the site, yeah? I came across the topic of the BDSM family. A person had commented about family BDSM and BDSM talk among such an involved BDSM family. There were a variety of answers and expert opinions as normal on the matter. The users wrote extensively on how to introduce BDSM talk in a family or the natural and perceived circumstances for any kind of BDSM talk that can be healthy. 

What caught my eye was this one particular user, he had written about being in a BDSM relationship of the dominant and the submissive with his wife. The master/slave relationship, their marriage being 25 years long, and the existing condition they had to maintain with their kids. In the BDSM talk they partook in, with their kids, the user was trying to convey the natural aspects of it all. Members of a BDSM family share equal love among themselves outside of the play that fulfills their desire.

Introduction of BDSM Talk in BDSM Family  

BDSM & Family Life: Parents Have to Be Equals

The preexisting regulations if you’re part of a BDSM family as an adult dealing with children are probably much the same as any regular sex relationship. Yes, I understand you might frown upon my use of the word regular here. Take it as my way to introduce BDSM talk over the rest of my article. 

Children are often inquisitive about things they find new. They are though not nearly as interested in our world as we might think. It is certainly not all about us for them. The different facets of family BDSM can all function healthily if you’re just honest with the young ones. The moment they have a question in their mind, introduce BDSM and talk to them. This is a graciously practical way of how introducing BDSM talk. By telling them, that adults have sex, and that there are different ways they participate in the matter. Tell them how much you feel necessary they must know about being part of a BDSM family.

The moment you lie, chances are they will eventually catch on, and their thrust for wanting to understand will take them to their friends and on the internet. You’re a better source to talk about family BDSM than both the options I feel.

Regulations that Make the Working Easier

Regulations that Make the Working Easier

The other thing that you must be prepared for and should do, is to hide away all your toys, from the glare of the daylight. I remember my daughter finding my Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair and I was just embarrassed. So, if by chance they end up finding any toy, make that part of your BDSM talk, tell them what it is for, make them understand, and then lock the thing away. I guess, again and again, the key to beginning to introduce BDSM talk is to be as understanding as possible. Also, understanding the kinks in your sex life is as natural as the person loving their cat next door. 

BDSM involves an involvement of both the dominant and submissive, the masochist, there might be a variety of play of words you and your partner take part in, during the play. Furthermore, when you’re part of a BDSM family, the play of words outside in front of other members, especially kids, must go out of the window. This becomes extremely important in the functioning of every day of a family engaging in family BDSM. The partners must always be treated on an equal footing. Treat your partner with respect and care. That way you can help your kids realize to be the person they can fully become. The treatment of a BDSM family should not mean there must always be a case for a power struggle always. 

The other factor that may change is the possibility of the kids overhearing some words you and your partner might be exchanging. This again is a time you must be vigilant enough to know how to introduce BDSM talk. A simple way is a game that you both like to engage in as part of the BDSM talk. This will do the trick. Just be open and honest of the fact that what you’re doing is normal in all senses of the word. And you are doing what should be the boundaries in a BDSM family. 

Like Yourself Let them Kids find their Way

As long you don’t refer to your partner as master or slave, hold their hands once in a while, and genuinely just share a loving relationship; a BDSM family can work quite wonders. Don’t let your kids choose everything you might be in for. Remember for them the weight around the stigma of a BDSM family will be heavy. Let them find their way if they want to introduce their own family BDSM or not.  

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