Tess Tests: Pillow Talk Cheeky

Tess Tests: Pillow Talk Cheeky

Vibrators for kink and sex are officially mainstream. If you also want to buzz your bottom for orgasm, you’re not alone. Research shows that more than half of women in America love to use vibrators especially Pillow Talk Cheeky vibrators. And there’s a reason, women get aroused with good vibrations, and the vibrator’s intense vibration gives higher realms of sensation and satisfying sex. 

If you have never done a vibrator play then you are missing out on better arousal and orgasm. And adding this little kinky devil during sex can spice up your monotonous and boring sex life. Sexual pleasures are not just limited to vaginal-penis sex, it’s all about being creative, and this pillow talk vibrator is one of the best creations for someone who takes orgasm seriously. 

Now that you have decided to take the plunge, let’s talk more about the pillow talk cheeky vibrator that you can play solo and with a partner. 

Pillow Talk Cheeky: Basic Info 

You’ll fall in love with the pillow talk vibrator that is like a wireless wand-style buzzing buddy, 8” in length. The vibrator comes in a beautiful discreet box where you’ll find the vibrator, a premium storage pouch, charging cable, instruction manual, and also a very little and cute cleaning brush that will help you to reach the tiny corners of your toy where your fingers can’t reach. How cool is that? 

The outside of the pillow talk vibrator comes in an appealing turquoise and teal green color which will be a great addition to your kinky closet. Also the cheeky is available in a cute pink if that’s your thing. 

Key features which make it unique 

  • The pillow talk cheeky vibrator is 100% water resistant 
  • The toy is rechargeable with a strong and reliable USB cable 

That Motor Tho..! 

Pillow Talk Cheeky

The pillow talk vibrator is supported by a powerful motor that makes the toy buzz like a devil under the sheets. In fact, after Lamourose Rosa vibrator, this toy has given me complete orgasms. The toy starts with low intensity and comes with unique controls, you just have to press the button to turn it off and on. Also, hold the button for 2 seconds to ramp up the power. While charging, the light will flash, then stop flashing when it reaches 100% highest level. The tip of the head is made of plushy and super soft silicone material. The neck of the toy is extremely flexible, which makes a pillowtalk racy vibrator a perfect tool for stimulation. 

It’s good in size which means that it will fit well with your other accessories without causing size concerns. Are there any downsides of the pillow talk vibrator? Honestly, some women find the battery life is not up to the mark. You can only have less than an hour of playtime with a full battery.

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Final Verdict 

The pillow talks cheeky vibrator is a big daddy among other ordinary sex toys. It’s powerful, cute, ergonomic, and extremely compatible which makes it a perfect tool if you’re a frequent traveller. So if you are the one that loves doing kinks quietly, then the pillow talk cheeky vibrator is perfect for you.

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