Spice Things up With a Foot Fetish

Spice Things up With a Foot Fetish

Unfortunately, there is a lot of taboo in our society around Sex in general. Everyone knows everyone is doing it but it is the biggest secret that they want to keep to themselves. Sure, you can keep it as personal as you like but attaching a societal taboo around the basis of human existence makes no sense. Increasingly, there has been some improvement in the conversations around pleasure and kinks, with an increase in people who are ready to talk about their fetishes openly. One mainstream fetish that comes to light, paving the way for other kinds of fetishes is the Foot Fetish.

It is one of the most common and normal fetishes to have, in today’s time. For people who are into it, Foot Fetish is one of the most fulfilling experiences in bed as it actualizes their fantasy and leaves them with ultimate satisfaction. In this article, we will tell you how to spice up your sex life with the best foot fetish techniques. Give it a chance and maybe you are in for a surprise.

What is a Foot Fetish?

For the unversed, Foot Fetish as the name suggests is the sexualization of Feet. It caters to the section of people who get turned on by other people’s feet and wish to incorporate them during Sexual play. The preferences in the Foot Fetish spectrum can vary from person to person but a general sense of kink is common to every foot fetisher. There are a lot of videos available online like dirty foot fetish, Asian foot fetish, shoes and socks fetish, etc. 

What is a Foot Fetish?

If you come to the realization that you are into it, the first thing you should do is Communicate with your partner. Talk to them about this new-found fetish of yours and seek their consent to include foot fetish play the next time you engage sexually. If you are on the receiving end of a foot fetish, that is your partner has told you about themselves, try to be as open to conversation as you can. Respect their interests, ask as many questions as you want but stay transparent with your boundaries, likes and preferences if you get down to trying it. 

Why Foot Fetish?

For the people who cannot relate to Foot Fetish or someone who is generally intrigued by the why and how of sexual kinks, there could be a few possible reasons why people fetishize feet. This is not to say that there has to be a particular reason behind it as it could very well be a personal choice. Additionally, these aren’t binding in any way and you or your partner might be into this fetish for a whole different reason. 

Sense of Humiliation 

By virtue of being associated with dirt and something below you, feet have a sense of humiliation and discouragement related to feet. This very feeling can turn on a section of people on to indulge in something forbidden and dirty while exploring sexually.

BDSM Power Dynamic

Foot Fetish

As a means to establish a Power dynamic in a BDSM relationship, Foot Fetish can be used by the Submissive partner to convey their subordination to the Dominant partner and vice versa. The act of licking Dom’s feet, sucking them, or giving them a foot job gives the feeling of slavery to the Sub which is central to a BDSM relationship. 

Biological Aspect

Technically speaking, your feet have a concentration of nerve endings that when stimulated by hands or mouth can make you feel good. Tickling on the feet is highly stimulating for this very reason and when you sexualize the whole thing, it translates into a foot fetish. 

Foot Fetish Techniques

Moving on to the Foot Play part, here is a list of foot fetish basics that you need to get right to entice your partner with a sensual foot fetish play. Take note of these foot fetish techniques and put up a show for your partner.

Play a Strong Foreplay Game

Step foot into the land of passionate foreplay. Tease your partner with the feet outside the bedroom so that by the time you’re in there, they just can’t keep their hands off your feet. You can try sliding your feet against theirs, under the table in the old cliche way as it always works in turning your partner on. Move it along and rub it across their crotch for maximum stimulation. You could also send your partner nudes but from a top angle so that a sneak peek of your feet raises the temperatures for them. Another Sexual Foot Fetish foreplay involves wearing your partner’s favorite pair of shoes or heels and ‘undress’ your feet to set the ground for amazing afterplay.

Customize the Feet Situation

Customize the Feet Situation

As a partner who indulges in Foot Fetish because of their partner, you should really know what kind of feet they are into. There are a lot of foot fetish kinksters who vary in preferences. While some like clean, pedicured feet others may be into dirty and sweaty feet. One section of foot fetish kinksters may be into shoe play while others like only socks play. There are different things about feet that turn your partner up. Be sure to research a bit about their preferences and customize the experience for them for advanced ecstasy.

Foot Massage

One of the foot fetish techniques that hit out of the park almost always is a nice relaxing massage. It works like a double wonder for your partner with a foot fetish as it not only helps them unwind and relax but also turns them on when you touch, rub and massage their feet. Mix up some fragrant oils with the massage to lube up the feet for later and your partner won’t be able to thank you enough for the sexual experience. Keep looking into your partner’s eyes and communicating during the foot massage as it is known to deepen the connection and trust which will definitely reflect when you get down to business.

Toss the Toes in your Mouth

Getting to the actual sexualization of this fetish, you can try using your hands and mouth on your partner’s feet. Slide your fingers in the toe gaps; glide through the whole feet to stimulate your partner, tickle the lower part of the feet which has a great number of nerve endings, enhancing pleasure. After the hands, to rake it up, even more, introduce your tongue and mouth.

Lick the toes and suck on them if your partner is into them. This is an overtly sexual foot fetish technique that is sure to make your partner weak in the knees. Concentrate on each part of the foot and lick it as passionately as you can. Another level up if you’re brave enough could be trying to penetrate the toes inside you. You need to be cautious of any kind of bacteria or dirt to avoid infection but it can spice the foot fetish up really good.

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You must have tried Handjobs with your partner as part of your sexual play. A Foot fetish daily technique and the feet version of a handjob is the Footjob. It is the ultimate pleasure inducing this activity which will roll the eyes of the receiver to the back with stimulation. The technique is to wrap your feet around your partner’s penis and thrust in an upward downward motion so as to stimulate them completely.

You can also rub, stroke, or just feel your feet against their penis. For the foot fetish kinksters with vulvas, you can tease your feet around the area and pleasure them with the anticipation to penetrate. One tip to keep in mind is to lube up the feet well to avoid any chaffing from friction.


We have compiled a thorough guide to exploring foot fetish with your partner in bed. Keeping these basic techniques in mind, you can give your partner the time of their lives filled with sexual foot fetish play. Be innovative and instinctive along with these tips, create an experience of your own by mixing it up with things for a wholesome exploration. This will leave your partner asking for more every day. Embrace their fantasies and kinks as partners, practice a balanced give and take and you’ll be the most content with your sex lives.

Do let us know what you did to indulge in your partner’s fetish and how you liked it.

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