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All about relationships - be they monogamous, polyamorous, open or exclusive. Play partners, 24/7 and Total Power Exchange (TPE) - we are looking at them all and what it takes to enjoy the relationship model you choose.

Challenges Concerning Consent

The BDSM community takes great pride in consent. It’s the foundation that underpins all the acts of playtime, the invisible border that separates healthy...

Write Your Own User Manual

If nothing else helps… read the ƒ#©≤÷πg USER-MANUAL Relationships (kinky or not) can be very complicated. It is not easy for partners to know how...

Can You Be a Feminist and a Female Submissive?

For strong women all over the world, the word submissive used in sexual context can still rouse feelings and thoughts of oppression and anti-feminism.

How to Find the Right Person for Your Threesome

While the right person for your threesome might seem like an impossible unicorn to find, there are a number of helpful tips how to get there.

Why Is Communicating so Difficult?

From management to marriage: it stands or falls with communication.

Red Flags in BDSM Dating & Relationships

When a BDSM relationship becomes inconvenient or unhealthy: Red flags to look out for

Red Flags of Dominants in BDSM

When dominance is being unhealthy or unhandy… Red flags to keep you safe

Recharge Your Longterm Relationship

Five easy ideas for breaking through the grind of everyday life and feel a bit more connected to each other.

What Relationship Model Suits You

An overview of relationship styles out there

Relationship Recovery. Golden Rules

Ten simple rules to help you break the downwards spiral when things have gotten sour in your relationship